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PLH is the UK’s leading research practice with a specialism in female audiences.

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Who we are

Philippa Roberts and Jane Cunningham are the founders of PLH.

They bring fifteen years of experience in branding and communications, and fifteen years of research in the field, to every project that PLH conducts.

They are the authors of three acclaimed books on female audiences and their buying behaviour.

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Our latest book

This book has the power to change how we see the world.

Sophie Devonshire, CEO The Marketing Society, authorSuperfast.  Lead at Speed.
An outrageously important book. Erudite, funny, and deeply engaging -- with no condescension or bullshit-- Brandsplaining sets out why the male monologue continues to monopolize, and what to do about it.

Dr Aarathi Prasad, author of Like A Virgin

A brilliant book -- witty and wise. A fast-track primer to gender bilingual marketing: the skill of being able to connect with 100% of your potential market and avoid the lazy, systemic default of outdated and ineffective brandsplaining.

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO of 20-first

What's happening

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