The Consultancy Practice.

The consultancy practice focuses on our specialism in understanding female audiences and the brands and marketing that connect most powerfully with them. We provide white-papers; market perspectives; food-for-thought pieces; training; workshops and creative development sessions.

"Fix the category, not the audience"

An interview with Jane Cunningham & Philippa Roberts

Woman-made innovation.

Our consultancy services find opportunities for brands to innovate and grow, by looking at markets through a uniquely female lens.

Optimize your activity for female audiences.

We bring our experience of understanding female audiences to help clients optimise product and service ideas, brand positionings and creative work.


After fifteen years researching the female audience we decided a state of the nation study was required. We concluded from thousands of hours of discussion groups, our survey conducted amongst 14,000 women, and an extensive content analysis of marketing, that brands still operate under the assumption that they are in a position to tell women what they are and how to be. Sneaky sexism is prevalent in marketing to women. And Femvertising does not offer a sustainable way forward. It presents ten principles for brands with a will to compete successfully in a world where female lives and attitudes have changed dramatically.
This book has the power to change how we see the world.

Sophie Devonshire, CEO The Marketing Society, authorSuperfast.  Lead at Speed.
An outrageously important book. Erudite, funny, and deeply engaging -- with no condescension or bullshit-- Brandsplaining sets out why the male monologue continues to monopolize, and what to do about it.

Dr Aarathi Prasad, author of Like A Virgin

On our way to dethroning patriarchy’s hold on capitalism, books like this are critical. It’s high time we expose and remedy the pseudo-feminist marketing malarkey holding women back under the guise of empowerment—Brandsplaining is here to help us do just that.

Amanda Montell, author of Wordslut: A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language and Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism
Filled with fascinating and funny insights, Brandsplaining is not just about marketing but also about how gender identities can be (and are) shaped and mis-shaped, branded and rebranded. If you think we’ve moved on from ‘Good Girl’ to ‘Go Girl’, think again!

Professor Gina Rippon, author of The Gendered Brain.
A brilliant book -- witty and wise. A fast-track primer to gender bilingual marketing: the skill of being able to connect with 100% of your potential market and avoid the lazy, systemic default of outdated and ineffective brandsplaining.

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO of 20-first

With the male-dominated marketing monologue in the dock, this is a compelling and forensically constructed case for the prosecution. The accused's guilt practically drips off the pages. But like all good crime stories, there's a route to reform and redemption at the end.

Paul Kemp-Robertson, co-founder, Contagious 


Inside Her Pretty Little Head.

This book comprises an eighteenth month study of female motivation and the brands that connect most powerfully with female audiences.  The book codifies what embeds these brands in female minds and lives:  The AltruismCode; The Connecting Code; The Ordering Code and The Aesthetic Code.
Cunningham and Roberts have not only created an enjoyable and deeply absorbing book but they have opened up a whole new area for marketers that is sure to stimulate debate and lead to the reappraisal of existing models and approaches.  For men and women alike this is the must read title of the year.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing
Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts 2006 book Inside Her Pretty LittleHead argued that marketing departments need to work much harder at understanding women’s motivations and decision-making systems. They won the argument. This is a crude generalisation, but not one, I think, with which most ad agency planners will disagree.Creative briefs have radically changed to favour emotional intelligence and impact over rational, white-coated persuasion.

Mark Jones. The Times.

The Daring Book For Boys In Business

This is a book for those businesses traditionally used to targeting men but want to extend their appeal to women.  And it is for businesses that already target both men and women, but feel less inclined or equipped to meet the needs of the female audiences.  It sets out a practical path for brands that want to target both men and women with equal success.
I cast my eye over the first few pages, roared with laughter and announced it was brilliant – and set about telling my male friends what a good idea it was. Evidence suggests that women are fast becoming the primary decision makers in categories where men have traditionally been thought of as the customers – such as cars and expensive spirits – so what a timely and appropriate tool kit for men to improve how to market to women…..The book’s content is intelligent, well-researched and witty. These women should be invited to speak on company boards, with department heads, managers - and husbands.

Emma Sinclair. Daily Telegraph